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Interactive distance-based vector field.

The intersection of math and art has captured the interest of countless people throughout history. Leonardo da Vinci, for instance, gave the world his drawing Vitruvian Man (this is far from the only example of his). The work demonstrates his expertise on human anatomy, fascination with squaring the circle and unparalleled artistic ability. In modern times, people as diverse as artists, scientists, musicians and engineers have more ways than ever to collaborate and discover the connections between their interests.

The blog here at math+art celebrates the historical and modern stories as well as contributes original ideas from the intersection of the fields. With modern technology, mathematical concepts spring to life on the digital screen.

Take as an example the interactive vector field at the top of this page (try interacting with it!). This is the way in which math+art approaches our content — with an emphasis on using any and all the tools at our disposal to present ideas from math, art, music, science and more. If you want to stay up to date with the blog, consider subscribing to our newsletter.

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About the Author

Hi, I'm Robbie.

By day, I'm a software engineer working on Facebook Gaming. By night, I'm a synthesizer enthusiast, hiker and sourdough baker.

Though I've long had an interest in both STEM and the arts, my attention went to the intersection during my time in the Design, Cultures + Creativity program at the University of Maryland. There, I worked on projects that widened my perspective on ways in which math and art connect. One of my favorite projects was my capstone prior to graduating — a program that, when given a video, would score music based on music theory, color pyschology and other interdisciplinary research.

My goal with this site is to build a community that shares my curiosity for math and art. In order to do so, I'll continue to regularly post both technical and artistic ideas with fun, dynamic presentations to the blog.

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